• We at American Construction of N.E. Florida would like to thank you for your professional timely service. We have many commercial contracts that require turnaround times sometimes as little as five days, your prompt delivery of excellent product has been imperative to our ability to maintain these contracts as well as secure additional contracts. The range of products Rountree Sod Service, Inc. has access to have made it possible to obtain product even when wet or dry climate has made it challenging. Bruce and Debbie are always helpful and pleasant when taking our orders and go above and beyond to make sure our needs are meet. Ashley is also very helpful and a pleasure to deal with, our billing is handled promptly and professionally, however the home town small business charm is always present. American Construction will continue to use Rountree Sod Service, Inc. for their exceptional product as well as the customer service that makes doing business with your company a pleasure.

    - George Smith,

    American Construction

  • We at C&L Landscape, Inc. have been doing business with Rountree Sod Service, Inc. for over twenty years. We would like to thank you for always helping us meet our deadlines. Even when the turnaround was rushed, your company consistently delivered quality product in a timely manner. In our business, meeting our deadlines directly impacts our ability to secure future business. I would like to thank you for always treating me and my employees as if our needs are important to you. You have always gone above and beyond in delivering quality sod even when weather conditions made good product hard to obtain. Bruce and Debbie make placing an order easy and always know how to deliver what we need and when we need it. Dealing with Ashley in regards to office issues like billing is easy and pleasant. The service and products are why we at C&L Landscape, Inc. look forward to continuing our relationship with Rountree Sod Service, Inc. for what we hope will be another successful 20 plus years.

    - Tana Hamburger